BM1 Bionet Patient Monitor

Spot Checking and Portable Multi-parameter Monitor
(SpO2, NIBP, Temp*, EtCO2*)
* means the interface is built in but the related module and accessories are optional



Configuration Monitor BM1

Versatile mode with EWS

  • BM1 offers Versatile modes of spot and continuous vital signs monitoring with 5 EWS and user-configurable scoring menus ( Early Warning Score ) for prompt clinical decision for EMS up to recovery patient situation

Excellent network connectivity

  • Easy of use HL7 interface allows care givers to get access patient data record to export to EHR as well as retrieve patient’s worklist streamlining the worlflow with barcode scanner and wireless/portable intuitive user interface.

Patient data management in mind

  • Enhanced patient data storage capacity up to 5,000 can cover large wards’ workloads with a single rolling stand mounted BM1 as well as wireless connectivity.

Easy to Use

  • 7″ Color TFT LCD with Touch Screen
  • HDMI for External Video Output
  • Save up to 5,000 Cases at Spot Mode
  • USB memory storage for CSV file to EMR
  • Smart Display : Avoid data confusion
  • Li-Ion Battery up to 4 hrs.

Spot Check with EWS

  • 5 types of EWS(Early Warning Scores) at Triage Mode : MEWS, NEWS, MEOWS, PEWS, TEWS
  • Customized EWS

Excellent Network Connectivity

  • Real-Time Data Transfer by direct HL7
  • Real-Time Data Retrieve from HIS server by Barcode reader or Q-ADT keyword
  • Connected to Central Monitoring System(BM Central) via LAN or Wireless LAN(USB Dongle)

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