FC1400 Bionet Fetal Monitor

The FC 1400 is a Antepartum fetal monitor Care for the next generation with enhanced & accurate cardiotocograph algorithm.



7″ Touch screen with intuive functional keys to strealime worflow

  • FC1400 has 7″ wide bright back-lit touch screen with 10 smart keys to streamline the workflow of NST /CTG and the accessible trend mode in no time.

Graphic and Text mode

  • With easy recognition numeric data as well as wave display mode, caregivers can easily understand babies’ heart rate as well as UC movements.

Clinical note and customizable note entry

  • FC1400 has 15 clinical note and customizable 85 notes with password for any further clinical reference of patient data.

FC Central, Fetal central monitoring connectivity

  • All Bionet fetal monitors have connectivity with FC Central monitoring system for data management for HIS as well as multiple remote viewer mode.

Integrated CTG/NST analysis

  • All bionet fetal monitors have CTG and NST are integrated as standard features with detail final report review and print-out.

Convenient CTG file conversion to JPG

  • User can convert the CTG data into JPG to transfer external USB memory.

Auto mode for accurate data record

  • Auto TOCO zeroing and Auto fetal movement modes assure the data accuracy and any point of care needed moment.

Patient data storage up to 72hr

  • 72hr of trend capacity is easily traceable with touch of a screen so that users can easily understand FHR and UC changes in no time.

Convenient external connectivities

  • USB barcode scanner for patient ID entry
  • USB external memory for

FC700 has INOP alarm by IEC-60601-1-8

User-friendly interface & diagnosis

  • 7” TFT LCD ( 800 X 480 ) with full touch operation
  • Intuitive 10 function keys for streamlining workflow
  • Graphic & big number display mode for easier data recognition
  • INOP alarm indication for easier recognition of physiological & technical alarm situations
  • Input note function for user’s configurable clinical annotations up to 100 notes

Enhanced algorithm for accurate data collection

  • Auto TOCO zeroing
  • Auto fetal movement detection

Excellent connectivity

  • Wired / Wireless connection to FC Central II , Bionet’s fetal central monitoring system up to 16 beds
  • USB barcode scanner for patient ID registration
  • USB wifi converter connection
  • Network printer connection ( Bionet recommended only )
  • Easy & user friendly DHCP network setting

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