OSCAR 15 Genoray C-Arm

The Genoray OSCAR 15 a new-generation, mobile fluoroscopy system that launched in 2018. The Genoray OSCAR 15 Mobile C-Arm X-ray product is designed to provide analog spot-film imaging and fluoroscopic image guidance for all adult and pediatric populations for orientations between patient anatomy and surgical instruments. Examples of clinical application may include cholangiography, endoscopy, urologic, orthopedic, neurologic, vascular, cardiac and critical care. As part of the new-generation mobile C-ARM’s core technology, the Genoray OSCAR 15 integrated a highly-effective flat panel detector instead of a conventional image intensifier (I.I) and a CCD camera; therefore, the DQE of the OSCAR 15 is more effective and safer than its predicate device. Also, a flat panel detector type has excellent image uniformity, no geometric distortion, no veiling glare or igniting, and has a small, thin physical size compared to the Image Intensifier type.

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  • Type: High Frequency Inverter, 15kW
  • kV range: 40-120kV (1step)
  • mA range: 0.2-6.0mA (Small Focus, Continuous)
  • 1.0-20.0mA (Large Focus, Continuous)
  • 3.0-50.0mA (Large Focus, Pulsed)
  • Auto Brightness Control (ABC)

X-Ray tube

  • Focal spot size: 0.3/0.6mm
  • Anode heat capacity: 300,000HU, Rotating anode
  • Target angle: 10degree
  • Max kVp: 120

Flat Panel Detector (CMOS)

  • Pixel Pitch: 100um
  • Resolution: 2600×2560
  • Frame Rate: ~30 fps


  • Shape: Rectangular – 2 Unit


  • SID: 1000mm
  • Depth: 730mm
  • Free Space: 1,000mm
  • Horizontal movement: 200mm
  • Vertical movement: 500mm
  • Panning motion: 25° (+12.5°, -12.5°)
  • Pivot Rotation: 460° (+230°, -230°)
  • Orbital Rotation: 155° (+65°, -90°)

ZENIS system

  • Image management(Acquisition, Storage)
  • Measurement Annotation / Dicom 3.0
  • Total solution from acquisition to print-out

Monitor: 43″ 4K wide

Controller: 10.4″ touch LCD

DSA(Digital Subtraction Angiography)

  • Angiography & Roadmapping

DAP(Dose Area Product)/AKR Software

Built in Class 2 Laser Localizer

Warning Lamp

3 Pedal Foot Switch

SSD 128GB + 128GB / HDD upgrade to 4TB

Power: 110Vac

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