OSCAR Classic Genoray C-Arm

The Genoray OSCAR Classic is one of new Genoray OSCAR C-Arm series launched with other two OSCAR series in 2018. The Genoray OSCAR Classic is an economic version with selectable 9 inch and 12 inch image intensifier (I.I). The output capacity and clinical applications are the same as the OSCAR Prime, but its orbital rotational angle is smaller at 155 degrees, compared to 180 degrees of the OSCAR Prime. Similar to the OSCAR Prime, the Genoray OSCAR Classic is designed to provide fluoroscopic and spot film images of the patient during diagnostic, surgical and interventional procedures. Examples of clinical applications may include cholangiography, endoscopy, urology, orthopedic, vascular, and critical care. The 10.4 inch touch LCD monitor with preview function enables the operator to perform a seamless operation, which makes this system very unique and differentiates itself on the price point mobile C-Arms. An operator has no need to go back and forth between a C-Arm and a work station while taking images and doing surgical procedures because the OSCAR Classic helps the operator control the system with only the C-Arm side.

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  • Type: High Frequency Inverter, 5.3kW
  • mA range: 0.2-6.0mA (Small Focus, Continuous)
  • 2.0-20.0mA (Large Focus, Continuous)
  • 2.0-20.0mA (Large Focus, Pulsed)
  • Auto Brightness Control (ABC)

X-Ray tube

  • Focal spot size: 0.5/1.8mm
  • Anode heat capacity: 50,000HU, Stationary anode
  • Target angle: 16 degrees
  • Max kVp: 120

Image Intensifier/CCD Camera

  • Triple Field Size: 9″/6″/4.5″
  • Resolution: 1,004(H)*1,004(V)
  • Frame Rate: ~30 fps


  • Shape: Rectangular – 4 Blade Shutter


  • SID: 1,000mm
  • Depth: 725mm
  • Free Space: 800mm
  • Horizontal movement: 200mm
  • Vertical movement: 500mm
  • Panning motion: 25° (+12.5°, -12.5°)
  • Pivot Rotation: 460° (+230°, -230°)
  • Orbital Rotation: 150° (+60°, -90°)

ZENIS system

  • Image management(Acquisition, Storage)
  • Measurement Annotation / Dicom 3.0
  • Total solution from acquisition to print-out

Monitor: 34” 2K ultra-wide

Controller: 10.4″ touch LCD

DAP(Dose Area Product)/AKR Software

Warning Lamp

2 Pedal Foot Switch

SSD 128GB + 128GB / HDD upgrade to 4TB

Power: 110Vac

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