Samsung HM70 EVO Premium Portable Ultrasound Unit

The HM70 EVO ultrasound system is a high-performance hand-carried ultrasound system, evolved to support a diverse range ofapplications and patients. The system has streamlined workflow, durability, and high resolution imaging that can be usedin a variety of clinical situations. Samsung has harmonized the key aspects of the HCU to meet today’s changing needs andprovide healthcare professionals the confidence they need in their work environment.


Highly Usable Design

The wave pattern of the exterior surface and the honeycomb structure of the internal design communicate strength and confidence to the healthcare professionals. The magnesium case surrounding the system and enhanced battery performance offer true usability and endurance.


Increased Operational Efficiency

The simple, intuitive interfaces enable users to immediately get to work in emergency situations. The HM70 EVO is engineered to provide the most direct interfaces and smooth actions from anywhere, avoiding delays caused by configuration. Samsung has considered even the smallest details of usability to support users with the exceptional possible performance.


Noise reduction filter to improve 2D image quality

The noise reduction filter improves edge enhancement and creates sharp 2D images for optimal diagnostic performance. In addition, ClearVision provides application-specific optimization and advanced temporal resolution in live scan mode.


Clarify blurred area to provide clearer images

HQ-Vision™¹ provides clear images by mitigating the characteristics of ultrasound images that are slightly blurred than the actual vision.


Uniform imaging performance of overall image area from near-to-far

S-Harmonic™ mitigates the signal noise, enhances contrast, and provides uniform image performance of overall image area from near-to-far.


Directional power Doppler to examine peripheral vessels

The function uses directional power Doppler technology, enabling you to examine even the peripheral vessels. It displays information on the intensity and direction of blood flow.


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Shared-service, General Imaging, 3D/4D








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