Mindray America M7 Portable Ultrasound Unit

The Mindray M7 has been one of the best selling compact system from Mindray. The M7 was one of the first units to truly break a bias of Chinese ultrasound systems by having great performance, a wide range of applications available, rich feature sets, as well as numerous transducers available. While, in the past, the Sonosite M Turbo and the GE Logiq e were chosen as leaders in their area, the M7 and the following generation known as the MX7, are taking the lead in the portable ultrasound arena with excellent 2D image quality, optimal color sensitivity, and a unique 3/4D function rarely found in this level unit.


The Mindray M7 was a long standing leader in the portable ultrasound market. Currently, this unit is only available in the reconditioned arena.  The M7 provides advanced imaging in a small platform. With the System On Chip (SOC) design, the M7 employs complex technologies in a compact laptop-style chassis. These SOC designs are highly reliable and fully energy efficient . The M7’s exceptional image quality, contrast resolution, user experience, and versatility have expanded the performance and flexibility envelope for hand-carried ultrasound imaging systems.

Key Features  

The Mindray M7 has superior image quality, instantaneous response, an excellent user experience, the functionality of quick start, and much more. It is one of the top medical devices for ultrasounds on the market. Its key features are:  

  • iBeam™ : spatial compounding 
  • Instantaneous computing power 
  • iTouch™ : one button image optimization 
  • Quick start 
  • Lightweight design 
  • Accurate viewing 
  • iClear™ : speckle suppression technology 
  • DICOM, with a full-featured DICOM function: network, worklist, MPPS, query/retrieve, structure reports 
  • Wired and iRoam™, wireless, data transfer and connectivity 
  • TDI: Tissue doppler imaging  
  • Superior computing power and connectivity system 
  • Quick data transfer 
  • Excellent system performance 
  • iZoom™ : enables accurate viewing of image for user from distance 
  • iScape™ : panoramic imaging 
  • Needle visualization technology 
  • Button image optimization 
  • Beam steering 
  • Short cycle time sealed surface 
  • Programmable exam present  
  • User selectable setup, from dedicated specialty to full service 

Additional information


Veterinary, Shared-service, General Imaging, Women's Health, 3D/4D








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