Chison Eco 3 Veterinary Ultrasound Unit

With pulsewave doppler in a black and  white portable ultrasound unit, the Chison  ECO3VET is an economical solution for vets  covering their ultrasound needs in small  medium and large size animals. The ECO3  Vet has a 5-9 MHz Linear rectal transducer  for equine and bovine reproduction as well  as microconvex probes for dogs, cats and  other small animals.

In this package, compound imaging,  speckle reduction, and harmonics make the  unit an advanced solution in the  inexpensive portable niche.

With a 12-inch LED monitor, the unit has a  wide viewing angle and can be up to 30-  degrees for easier viewing.

With a wide variety of imaging packages,  the unit also includes dual probe ports  allow for easy transducer switching.


Veterinary Ultrasound the way  you want it.

The High Quality BW ECO-3 Vet is  a veterinary ultrasound machine  from Chison with advanced  imaging processing technology  normally found in color doppler  units: Compound Imaging, THI  (tissue harmonic imaging),  Trapezoid Imaging and Chroma.

These advanced features give your clear  imaging for fast diagnostics. The ECO-3  Vet is ultra-compact and easily  transportable. Numerous probe choices  make the unit suitable for suitable for all  kinds of animals. Perfect for reproductive  veterinary echosonography for equine /  bovine / porcine and other animals as well  as for equine tendon examinations. Comes  with installed veterinary software ranging  from equine down to very small animals.


Downloadable system file here (Eco3).


Built-in lithium battery (re-chargeable)

Water-proof cover for the keyboard is  available (optional)

i-Image and SRA

DICOM functionality (optional)

Double probe connector with 3 USB ports  VGA port, video port, and LAN port


  • High resolution 12 Inch LED display
  • 2 active probe port
  • 8G high speed memory (320G optional)
  • USB ports : left side 2, back 1
  • Ethernet port
  • video out port
  • VGA port
  • Footswitch port
  • General measurement package
  • Clinical measurement package
  • Multi-language screen display
  • EASYVIEWTM: image archive system
  • Patient information management system
  • Building reporting system
  • Intelligent Zoom
  • Multiple Compound Imaging (MCI)
  • Speckle Reduction Imaging(SRA)
  • i-image
  • BT-2500 li-ion battery

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