Philips Affiniti CVx Ultrasound Unit

The Philips Affiniti CVx ultrasound unit is dedicated as a cardiovascular ultrasond that helps you deliver exceptional care to your patients with efficiency and diagnostic quality.


Affiniti CVx is a comprehensive, versatile, and high-quality system designed to help cardiovascular users achieve a confident diagnosis.

Diagnose a wide range of cardiac patients with a comprehensive, versatile and high-quality system that shares its DNA with our leading premium cardiology system

Capture superb, clear images with advanced transducers including the X8-2t TEE, X5-1 TTE and S5-1single-crystal TTE transducer optimized for better imaging in technically difficult patients (TDPs)

Leverage advanced clinical capabilities and tools including Live 3D TEE, tools for procedural guidance and AutoStrain LV for fast, reproducible 2D strain LV quantification

Philips Affiniti CVx Standard – features and functions:

  • 21.5” high-definition LCD screen (diagonal: 54.5 cm)
  • Color and PW Doppler
  • Four probe inputs
  • Freely movable control panel, pan and tilt screen
  • MaxVue High resolution and 38% larger display area
  • SonoCT real-time compound imaging
  • Adaptive Xres image processing
  • Tissue Harmonics and Pulse Inversion Harmonic Imaging
  • TDI – PW Tissue Doppler
  • AutoScan – Automatically optimizes gain and depth compensation in real time
  • Anatomical M-Mode
  • Integrated workstation for storing images, image loops and reports
  • Windows Embedded Standard 10 operating system
  • Completely silent operation (37-41 dB)
  • Integrated storage compartments and drawer

Philips Affiniti CVx Standard – Options:

  • Choice of xMatrix and PureWave crystal technology transducers
  • Connection possibility of xMatrix TEE transducers
  • Stress Echo Protocol
  • Contrast imaging
  • HighQ – Real-time automatic Doppler analysis
  • Auto Doppler for flow optimization by angle correction of PW and CFM at the push of a button
  • MicroFlow Imaging optimizes the visualization of small and poorly imaged blood vessels
  • Q-App (aCMQ) Automatic quantification of wall motion
  • Q-App (StrainQ) Strain quantification via Color Tissue Doppler (TDI)
  • Q-App (a2DQ) Automatic 2D quantification to calculate EF, ESV and EDV
  • Q-App (a2DQ LA) Automated 2D quantification for LA volume
  • Q-App (TOMTEC AutoStrain LV) Automated one-button strain measurement with 18-segment bull’s-eye view
  • Q-App (IMT) Quantification of Intima Media Thickness
  • strain elastography

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